Partners in life and on stage, Caline and Sabine are enchanted by the unique fusion of sounds produced by the organ and violin, and at each concert they succeed in releasing all of their musical emotion.


The organ, with its richly varied timbres playing upon each other, forms a magical alliance with the melodious voice of the violin, bringing out the value of a large repertoire of music from Medieval to modern times, passing through the baroque and romantic eras. The Duo Coletto shows the originality and creativity of well-known works, as well as those yet to be discovered, making the two instruments shine in all of their aspects. The Conseil General du Rhone selected the Duo Coletto to participate in their 2001 cultural seasons.

The Duo Coletto offer his name to Colette Fournier-Malnoury as a token of his esteem.

TOUS A VOURLES ! JEP Dimanche 22 septembre à 18h

Dimanche 22 septembre à 18h

Eglise Saint Bonnet de Vourles (69)

Concert Trompette et Orgue 

Marc Chevalier et Caline Malnoury

Entrée libre 

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